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About - Pehlaaj Appliances Repair Dubai, UAE

25 Years Of Experience

About Us

Pehlaaj Appliances Repair is one of the reputed company for home and commercial appliance repairing services. We have completed 1500+ projects in Dubai. Our 25 Year experience shows the quality of our service. Moreover, our technicians are highly trained and professional and always provide quality work.

About Pehlaaj Appliances Repair

Our Professionalism

How we growth our business.

The biggest reason, why customers like us and recommend us it the quality of our work and professionalism.

Our experts are highly trained and professional who can solve any kind of appliance repairing issue. We have arranged many workshops to increase the capabilities of our workers. Our every technician is bound to get knowledge about new technology on regular basis. We have also brand specialists. Who can repair any brand appliance.


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We Provide Professional Services

Our staff is really professional, we have done too many projects which increases our staff skillset and also confidence. We arrange pieces of training and workshops for our team to develop new skills.

Stay Up and Running

We are 24/7 hour available in all areas of Dubai. Just contact us for quick and fast service.

Our Experienced Staff

Our staff includes experts and professionals who can do their job with quality. We have trained and experienced staff who can solve any kind of problem in no time.

Customers Recommendations

Pehlaaj Appliances Repair is recommended company by customers. We have lots of customers all around Dubai, UAE. Customers recommend us due to our work quality and professionalism.

What is Work Guarantee

We offer 30-Day Work Guarantee to our customers, who have not repaired appliance from any other technician.