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LED LCD TV Repair Dubai

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LED LCD TV Repair Dubai

As television-trained professionals, around here at Pehlaaj Appliances Repair we’re specialists with regard to LCD, LED, OLED, QLED television fixes, and plasma television fixes. Moreover, our television repair deals are the cheapest and most affordable for everyone and we do not compromise on quality. We likewise offer a helpful and modest television fixer professionals and administration for broken LCD TV, LED TV, OLED TV, QLED TV, and plasma televisions, in addition to this, an extensive variety of other television types.

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Professional LED LCD TV Repair Service in Dubai

Are You Searching For Best LED LCD TV Repair Services in Dubai?

The television has become an integral part of our lives, offering entertainment, information, and a window to the world. LED and LCD TVs have gained immense popularity due to their slim designs, vibrant displays, and energy efficiency. In Dubai, where technology and innovation are highly valued, LED and LCD TVs have become commonplace in households and businesses. However, like any electronic device, these TVs are prone to malfunction over time. This article explores the common issues and services of LED LCD TV repair Dubai and also provide insights into the repair process.

Common LED and LCD TV Problems:

Screen Issues: LED and LCD TVs can develop screen problems over time, including dead pixels, lines, and flickering screens. These issues are often related to problems with the display panel, backlight, or inverter board.

No Power:

Sometimes, your LED or LCD TV may fail to power on. This could be due to a faulty power supply, damaged power cord, or internal component failure.

No Sound:

Another common problem is the absence of audio. This can be attributed to issues with the TV’s internal speakers, audio board, or sound settings.

Distorted Picture:

A distorted or garbled picture can be frustrating. This problem may be caused by loose cables, damaged connectors, or issues with the graphics processor.

Remote Control Problems:

Often, issues arise with the TV remote control not responding correctly. This can be due to remote control battery issues, sensor problems, or a faulty remote control unit.

Intermittent Freezing:

LED and LCD TVs may occasionally freeze or become unresponsive. This can occur due to software glitches, insufficient memory, or overheating.

Backlight Issues:

If your TV has uneven brightness or dim areas on the screen, it may indicate problems with the backlight, LED strips, or power supply.

Color Problems:

Discoloration or abnormal color display can result from issues with the TV’s color settings, graphics card, or the display panel itself.

Connectivity Issues:

Problems with HDMI, USB, or other input/output ports can hinder your TV’s ability to connect to external devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or sound bars.

Audio/Video Sync Problems:

When the audio and video are not synchronized, it can make watching TV a frustrating experience. This issue may be caused by audio processing delays or improper settings.

Repairing LED and LCD TVs in Dubai:

When facing any of these issues with your LED or LCD TV in Dubai, the first instinct might be to replace the TV entirely. However, many of these problems can be resolved through professional repair services, saving you money and reducing electronic waste. Here’s what you need to know about LED TV repair in Dubai:

Seek Professional Help:

The complexity of modern LED and LCD TVs requires the expertise of trained technicians. In Dubai, there are numerous repair shops and service centers specializing in TV repairs.

Diagnostic Evaluation:

When you take your TV for repair, the technician will perform a diagnostic evaluation to identify the root cause of the problem. This involves checking both the hardware and software components of the TV.

Cost Estimate:

After the diagnosis, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair. It’s essential to ask for this estimate upfront to understand the potential expenses involved in fixing your TV.

Original Parts:

Reputable repair centers in Dubai use genuine or high-quality replacement parts to ensure the longevity of your TV. Be wary of repair shops that use cheap, substandard parts, as they can lead to recurring issues.


Many professional TV repair services offer warranties on their repairs. This provides peace of mind, as you can return for free service if the same problem recurs within the warranty period.

Timely Service:

Dubai is a bustling city, and people often require their electronics to be repaired quickly. Ensure that the repair center you choose offers timely service, so you’re not without your TV for an extended period.

Data Protection:

If your TV requires a software update or factory reset, ask the technician to back up your settings and data if possible. This will help you retain your custom preferences and settings.

Preventive Maintenance:

Once your TV is repaired, consider regular preventive maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. This includes cleaning the screen and vents, checking for loose cables, and updating software.


LED and LCD TVs have revolutionized home entertainment, and in Dubai, they are a common fixture in households and businesses. When these TVs encounter problems, professional repair services can often bring them back to life, saving you money and reducing electronic waste.

Whether you’re facing screen issues, power problems, or audio/video sync troubles, seeking the assistance of experienced technicians is the best course of action. Dubai offers a range of TV repair services, and choosing the right one can extend the lifespan of your TV and ensure uninterrupted entertainment in this vibrant and tech-savvy city. So, the next time your LED or LCD TV encounters an issue, consider repair as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.


·        What are the common issues that require LED LCD TV repair?

Common issues include a blank or black screen, distorted or no sound, backlight problems, dead pixels, and issues with the power supply or motherboard.

·        How can I tell if my TV needs repair or if it’s a minor issue?

If your TV has no power, won’t turn on, or displays unusual symptoms like flickering or distorted images, it likely needs professional repair.

·        Where can I find a reputable LED LCD TV repair service in Dubai?

You can search online for local repair shops or consult recommendations from friends and family. Ensure the service provider is licensed and has positive customer reviews.

·        What’s the cost of LED LCD TV repair in Dubai?

The cost varies depending on the issue’s complexity and the TV’s brand and size. Minor repairs may cost less, while major issues like a damaged screen or motherboard replacement can be more expensive.

·        How long does it typically take to repair a LED LCD TV in Dubai?

Simple repairs may take a few hours, while more extensive ones could take a few days or longer.

·        Are there any preventive measures to avoid TV issues in the future?

Keeping your TV in a well-ventilated area, avoiding power surges with surge protectors, and performing regular cleaning can help extend the life of your TV and reduce the risk of issues.

·        Do repair services in Dubai offer home visits for TV repair?

Some repair services offer home visits for TV repair, while others may require you to bring your TV to their shop. It’s best to inquire about their service options when scheduling the repair.

Remember that these FAQs provide general information, and it’s essential to consult with a reputable repair service in Dubai for specific advice and assistance with your LED LCD TV repair needs.